The Executives Association of Baltimore is an organization comprised of business owners and executives.

The principal objectives of the Association are:

  • to institute and maintain a method of exchanging and interchanging business information among its members;
  • to create and encourage cooperation, business efficiency, and service to its members;
  • to bring its members in touch with business opportunities;
  • to encourage local, national and foreign trade expansion of its members;
  • to promote a better acquaintance and closer association among its members.

The membership of this Association shall be composed of self-employed persons, firms, associations and corporations, each representing a different trade, business, occupation, or profession, each being assigned a classification accordingly.

Any self-employed person, firm, association or corporation, whose main activity or profession is not in competition with the main activity or profession of a member, is eligible for membership in the Association.

Attendance at regular weekly meetings is an obligation of membership. The sole purpose is to become familiar with each member’s business so that you can provide sound leads for third party business. As our members become familiar with your business, they can provide leads and exchange business with your firm.

For over 65 years, members have increased their business, benefited from new business contacts, and learned more about the local business community.

Quality lead exchange, new business referrals and quality business advice. There is no other association that provides the advantages you can find with the Executives Association of Baltimore!

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