About The Executives Association of Baltimore (EAB)

  • A business association created in 1937
  • The sole purpose of EAB is to bring its members in touch with increased business opportunities
  • Dedicated to increasing business success by exchanging referrals with our members and utilizing the business-to-business services and products offered by each member
  • Created over 76 years ago with over $1,000,000+ in leads exchanged in 2012
  • Contact us today to attend and receive a free gourmet lunch!

Call Bill Walden for more information: 410-803-0300



  • Membership is by invitation only
  • Limited to one firm in each business or professional category
  • Your responsibility as an EAB member is to offer quality products and services at a fair price on all leads given to you by fellow members
  • We encourage members to pass leads and information to other members and encourage business associates to conduct business with other EAB members
  • Meetings 1st three Wednesdays of the month.
  • Centrally located in Baltimore

Call Bill Walden for more information: 410-803-0300

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